What Would You Do? Pt. 1

I titled this post as a part one because I intend to touch back up on the subject at a later date.

First off, I would like to apologize for the slight break in between posts. Life got the best of me for a little bit.

I digress.

A week or so ago, at my job, I was asked how much the Power Ball jackpot for the lottery was. After looking it up, I told the customer that it was up to 206 million dollars.

His response was this: “That’s a lot of money! What would you do if you had 206 million dollars?”.

I stopped to think for a minute, because who wouldn’t love to have that much money?

In time, I replied that I would pay off my car, and fix it up. I would use some of the money to pay for college.

I wanted also to make sure that I had some money saved up for a rainy day, and that I would continue to work so I would always have money.

The customer looked at me in surprise and confusion.

He responded, “Why wouldn’t you just buy a new car? And why wouldn’t you stop working? You’d have a lot of money to spend!”

I didn’t completely understand why he was so confused at first. I knew perfectly well that I would have a lot of money!

After finishing taking care of the customer, I really stopped to think about why the response had been the exact opposite of how I thought he would react.

Then I realized something- I am not like everyone else.

I don’t need a lot in my life to be happy. I am perfectly content with my little Saturn. I love my little house. I love my dog, and my husband.

Most everything I have is a hand-me-down. From the clothes I wear to the furniture I have.

However, some people choose to live life differently.

I was discussing this with my father last night during a few hours of ‘Daddy-Daughter Bonding Time’ (which is always a blast!).

He brought up an interesting point. Some people, when asked to describe themselves, first describe that they are a husband/wife, a father/mother, and then a graduate of some college, a doctor/nurse/psychiatrist, etc.

Others classify themselves first as a graduate of some college, then a doctor/nurse/psychiatrist/etc, with ‘this and that’ title, and then a father/mother, husband/wife.

So I will pose two questions to you.

  1. If you could have any large sum of money, what would you do with it?
  2. How would you describe yourself?

With just a little something to get your brain thinking, I want to wish you all a wonderful week!

Until the next post, remember this one thing-

Just be you!


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