What Would You Do? Pt. 1

I titled this post as a part one because I intend to touch back up on the subject at a later date.

First off, I would like to apologize for the slight break in between posts. Life got the best of me for a little bit.

I digress.

A week or so ago, at my job, I was asked how much the Power Ball jackpot for the lottery was. After looking it up, I told the customer that it was up to 206 million dollars.

His response was this: “That’s a lot of money! What would you do if you had 206 million dollars?”.

I stopped to think for a minute, because who wouldn’t love to have that much money?

In time, I replied that I would pay off my car, and fix it up. I would use some of the money to pay for college.

I wanted also to make sure that I had some money saved up for a rainy day, and that I would continue to work so I would always have money.

The customer looked at me in surprise and confusion.

He responded, “Why wouldn’t you just buy a new car? And why wouldn’t you stop working? You’d have a lot of money to spend!”

I didn’t completely understand why he was so confused at first. I knew perfectly well that I would have a lot of money!

After finishing taking care of the customer, I really stopped to think about why the response had been the exact opposite of how I thought he would react.

Then I realized something- I am not like everyone else.

I don’t need a lot in my life to be happy. I am perfectly content with my little Saturn. I love my little house. I love my dog, and my husband.

Most everything I have is a hand-me-down. From the clothes I wear to the furniture I have.

However, some people choose to live life differently.

I was discussing this with my father last night during a few hours of ‘Daddy-Daughter Bonding Time’ (which is always a blast!).

He brought up an interesting point. Some people, when asked to describe themselves, first describe that they are a husband/wife, a father/mother, and then a graduate of some college, a doctor/nurse/psychiatrist, etc.

Others classify themselves first as a graduate of some college, then a doctor/nurse/psychiatrist/etc, with ‘this and that’ title, and then a father/mother, husband/wife.

So I will pose two questions to you.

  1. If you could have any large sum of money, what would you do with it?
  2. How would you describe yourself?

With just a little something to get your brain thinking, I want to wish you all a wonderful week!

Until the next post, remember this one thing-

Just be you!


A Person’s Potential

Let’s talk for a minute about you. Who you are as a person, and how you see yourself.

How would you describe yourself? Think of five words- Got ’em?


Now, how many of those five words that you thought of were of a positive nature? Did you describe yourself as being smart, extroverted, or talented? That you were beautiful, have an amazing personality, or that you have the greenest eyes?

How many of those words were negative? Did you think of words like “fat” or “stupid”? Maybe “lazy” or “atrocious”?

If you would, ┬átry something with me. If you have a mirror, go get it. If you don’t, pull out your phone and open your camera to face you. Now- Look at yourself.

Really LOOK.

Focus on the way your eyes sparkle in the light. See how they subtly change color? That’s your amazing soul showing through your eyes.

Notice how your lips are shaped. See how they’re smiling, no matter how slight? That’s your sense of humor starting to show.

Look at how your nose is perfectly contoured to make your face unique. No matter how large or small, your nose helps complete the beautiful person that others see.

Do you still not believe me? Keep looking!

Your hair, cut and shaped to make your witty personality stand out, is exactly the shade of color you want it to be. It suits you!

Everything about you makes you the wonderful, special person you are. You have the potential to change the world!

How you plan on doing that, I have no clue. You must choose how great a potential you have.

But I do know you have the potential to change a life. Whether it be one, or 100.

I’m going to get up close and personal for a moment.

When I was 8, I started down a path of self-loathing and depression. I thought that I was not good enough for anyone. I thought that I lacked anything in my life that would make people like me.

For over a decade I have struggled with this.

Until one day, I received a text message from an old friend.

“No matter how many scars you have, no matter what has hurt you, you will always be beautiful to me”.

I was floored. Me, beautiful?

How could someone so broken, so confused, so lonely, be beautiful?

There is no secret formula for this. There is no special kind of make-up or cologne that you need.

I would urge you-


No matter how weird or crazy you think you are, or how obnoxious you think you are, you are not.

Take some time this week to really think about who you are. Try to look past all the flaws and mistakes.

I can guarantee you- You are a pretty awesome person!

Just Be You

I work in a place where I see many people within a short period of the day. Local people who I have become familiar with, and those whom I will probably never see again. Yet each person carries with them a uniqueness about them that cannot be found anywhere else.

Never be afraid to have your own style. There’s nothing wrong with parting your hair a certain way, or wearing a flashy pair of glasses (if you’re like me and can’t see without them!).

Your style makes you You.

For me, it’s a bandana. I don’t wear it because I’m in a gang (I’m not). I don’t wear I because I have to cover up an embarrassing scar on my forehead (sorry Harry Potter). I wear it as a part of who I am, and to show my uniqueness.

I wear it because I was inspired by the uniqueness of one of my coworkers.

For the sake of privacy, we will call my coworker T.

I have a very large amount of respect for T, regardless of work ethic, past events, and life choices. To me, it’s not about who you were, it’s about who you are becoming. The past is in the past for a reason. If you can learn from it, you can continue to grow.

I digress.

T has always struck me as the kind of person who can overcome obstacles far beyond her capacity to handle. Even though it may tear them down, they are still able to rise back up and continue onward.

When I first started working with T, I noticed two things. One, we shared the same style of hair, and two, T wore a dark blue bandana to compliment said hairstyle.

“Whoa, that’s awesome!” I thought, “Maybe some day I could pull something like that off!”.

Slowly, I began to incorporate a bandana into my style.

It wasn’t something that was noticed right away. It took my “regulars” a few weeks to even notice I was wearing one. I would wear different colored bandanas, and even ones with different patterns.

My style is unique. I could care less if you knew how short or tall I was. Ask me any question (short of a very personal one) and I will answer you. You may not like the answer, but I will give you one.

I don’t dress up. I wear jeans, a hoodie, and a pair of Converse. Nothing fancy. It’s just my style.

I choose to love those I come in contact with, whether we become friends or I never see you again. I have a loud laugh, and a big smile. A big heart and an open mind.

I would pose these questions to you-

What would you consider to be your style? Do you have a certain “catch phrase” you say? A certain way you dress?

What makes you unique?